As we tend Earth’s seed within, we ready the conditions for Her blossoming. Earth is born anew in human form.

Connecting with the fertile dimensions of our planetary moment suggests that the Earth as a whole is evoking a more thorough engagement with the mind’s deep layers. In a way…

Water, in many ways, is elusive by nature, adopting countless shapes, here static, there always on the move. Water is reminiscent of the soul; it is essential for life but close to impossible to define in its fullness. …

In many ways, the pain we feel for the ailing Earth tests our human limits. The largely unconscious guilt we bear knowing that we, in the industrial world, have become a weapon of mass destruction is unparalleled in the history of humankind and that of the Earth. It is therefore…

Como nosso impulso espiritual mais profundo é melhor expressado em nossos tempos atuais?

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O que nós chamamos ‘o divino’ não nada além da energia do despertar, da paz, da compreensão, e do amor, que pode ser encontrada não só em cada ser humano, mas em todas as espécies na Terra.

Thich Nhat Hanh

Eu me perguntei incontáveis vezes a razão porque eu sou…

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El filósofo Noruego Arne Naess es reconocido como el originador del movimiento de la ecología profunda. En un ensayo llamado Lo superficial y lo profundo, movimiento ecológico de largo alcance,1 Naess cuestionó el valor y efectividad de los movimientos ambientales modernos, considerando que sus estrategias de acción y resolución de…

Cultivating Space Amidst Difficulty

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Good and bad, happy and sad, all thoughts vanish into emptiness like the imprint of a bird in the sky.

- Chogyam Trungpa

Gazing inward, I find a constant experience of restlessness. This is specially the case when dealing with difficult interpersonal situations or when going…

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Los participantes del consejo habían ya asimilado la presencia de Artemio, recibiéndole como un miembro más del encuentro. De entre ellos, el felino más grande de las Américas expresó su intención de compartir la palabra.

— Pero por supuesto. Sería un gran honor — respondió Kauyumari.

Las diferentes criaturas estaban…

How’s our deepest spiritual impulse best expressed in our current times?

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What we call “the divine” is none other than the energy of awakening, of peace, of understanding, and of love, which is to be found not only in every human being, but in every species on Earth.

Thich Nhat…

El alma de la regeneración personal y planetaria

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Es posible argumentar que la ecopsicología o el estudio de la relación psicológica entre los humanos y la naturaleza es tan vieja como nuestra especie.

Desde el amanecer del Homo sapiens ha existido un profundo lazo evolutivo y bio-psicológico con la naturaleza…

How to unleash the child of wisdom found within?

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The ostensible goal of alchemy is to change base metals or lead into gold. Seen from a psycho-spiritual perspective, this goal can be likened to the transformation of our current state of being, largely based on a restrictive structure loosely referred…

Adrián Villaseñor Galarza, PhD

I’m passionate about human transformation in service of the Earth so as to explore the regenerative expression of our deep potentials.

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